when all you can say is… WOW…

hey there..

i really have to write a post about the weekend i had with the fuse guys. it still flashes me when i think back!


although my weekend started with changing my flight cos of fucking sickness, i finally made it to london on sunda. in time :) i played for the second time for fuse, for me the best party in london at the moment and not only because there is slowly slowly no good club left in london, no because these guys run a party driven by their feelings and there is so much heart in it… everyone who ever played there can tell. this sunday i was playing with robert dietz, daniel stefanik, enzo siragusa and theire residents chrissy maranello and luke miskelly. i played the closing set, and when i stoped playing cheering people gave me an amazing feedback – i had goosebumps! i will come back there, that’s for sure.

so i can proudly announce: I AM A NEW MEMBER OF THE FUSE FAMILY. A NEW RESIDENT. <3

whats next? MONDAY:

after a long sleep, i was on my way to ibiza… KICK OFF this year for me… and of course i had to show up at DC10, where my boys matthias tanzmann and davide squillace where playing for the opening. well, i guess everyone was there, although i was still feeling a bit ill, i couln’t go home… :) was a great opening, had so much fun with my boys & girls there……but way to crowded… 5000 people? iiiek. also the whole fuse crew was there…cos we had another mission.


ibiza…lovin the island when its not suuuuuper packed like in the midseason. had a nice walk at the beach, prepared my music, met my friends paola & max (who has the best recordstore on ibiza – ultrasuouni)) and went to ushuaia, a very nice beach location next to bora bora. enzo siragusa and nima gorji where already playing a smooth and great back to back set! i was dancing with lots of friends who showed up from all kinds of different countries. that was sweet. again i played the closing set and i can’t describe the feeling i had, when played there… the atmosphere was amazing, i was in such a good mood, friends around, warm summer breeze, the sea and a screaming and wild dancing crowd… WOW…and a lovely person with tears in her eyes!!!!!!!!!! THANKS EVERYONE who made this night unforgetable…